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Who we are

This website is coordinated by a team that includes representatives from eight departments of the Euroafrica Division: 

Women’s Ministries     Children’s Ministries      Youth Ministries      

Family Ministries     Education     Health Ministries             

Personal Ministries     Ministerial Association


Women’s Ministries 

Women’s Ministries department is a place led by women and addressed to women in the Church, at home, and in the community. These women choose to take Christ as their model and partner, and their desire is to share experience around them. It is a place to encourage, equip and support women. It is a place to address the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of the women within a biblically based value system.
The issues of sexual abuse, domestic violence, incest and battery are all too common burdens that women carry. Physical, sexual and psychological battery happens to small girls, adolescents, single and married adults and elderly women. No strata of society are immune from the epidemic of violence.
As Christian women, we are called to address these concerns by raising awareness, providing opportunities for counseling, offering financial and legal assistance, helping women find shelters and working with other professional services to care for those affected by abuse. These services are the rational of the website ITFACES.ME.

Children’s Ministries

Children’s Ministries Department (CHM) is concerned by children; its principal mission is to nurture children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus. The Bible makes it very clear: children are very special to God. Jesus’ love and care is also shown by our (CHM responsible) involvement and contribution to protect and take care of children’s wellbeing.
Every year many children die violent deaths. They are corrupted and exploited for cheap labour, sweat shops, armed conflict, perverted sexual pleasure of adult predators, and exposed to sexually explicit materials in the mass media and on the Internet.
In response to the above issues and needs, we improve safe ministries to protect children from physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse and we connect with people who are working in the same stream.
We are really concerned about children as victims of abuse and violence and we’ll do our best to help out dealing with this issue and providing solutions and support.
As violence is always present in every society contexts we strongly support “ItFacesMe” because we want to do all is possible to give violence less and less chance.


Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries Department is a part of the Sevnth-day Adventist Church that provides all kinds of activities in order to educate youth from ages 7 to 35 to respect Christian values in life.  These activities are oriented to promte the respect of nature (boy scouts stage), the society and humankind (teen and youth stage) in the perspective to respect God and His Word. It is throught this  respect-oriented program that the Youth Ministries Department is collaborating with all oranizations that could produce prevention to face the sexual abuse phenmenon. Most of the victims are very young and it is more than appropiate to be partner in the work of prevention.

Family Ministries

The Department of Family Ministries focuses on people in relationship in the church and in the community, in the context of family living. Understanding the realities of family life today, it helps individuals and families to integrate the everlasting gospel into their experience, enjoy healthy relationships, and grow together in their discipleship. Family Ministries gives particular attention to preparing for and strengthening marriage and enabling parents, families and congregations to lead children to Jesus and the values of His kingdom while nurturing them into responsible adulthood. On the basis of the Bible (1 Tim 5:8) the Department of Family Ministries is eager to cooperate with all the instances that work on the prevention of domestic and sexual abuse, and with those who work for the healing of abused individuals in the family context.


The mission of Adventist Education is to prepare our children and youth for purposeful and joy-filled lives by fostering friendship with God, whole-person development, Bible based values, service and excellence, in accordance with the Seventh-day Adventist mission to the world.  To this aim, the Education Department endeavours to teach our church members how to live a balanced life by providing guidelines, materials, and resources for all levels of their training.  Since its ultimate goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, the Education Department eagerly cooperates with all the efforts for the prevention of domestic and sexual abuse by working to educate children and adults in the basic principles of respect and love.

Health Ministries


Personal Ministries


Ministerial Association

The Ministerial Association of the Euro-Africa Division totally approves the creation of the website “Itfacesme”. The pastors are concerned with all that touches human dignity and the protection of human rights. Unfortunately, our society is more and more confronted with mistreatment and abuse of all kinds. The goal of this website it not only to be an informative window, but also a practical support by providing the contact information of professionals specialized in this area. Due to his job the pastor is committed to respect the confidentiality of the person and to protect their identity. The pastor has the possibility to lend an ear to people, to appreciate, and to accept them. This makes him an ideal intercessor in the dialogues between persons. The pastor will also know how to help you to find qualified professionals who will find the best solutions if it is your need and desire.


Our goals are to:

  • awaken people to the subject
  • help victims of abuse
  • protect children and youth by prevention
  • have no tolerance for perpetrators
  • not mix forgiveness with inactivity.

Although these goals cannot be achieved all at once, the process is starting. In December 2005, the Projekt Sexuelle Gewald was voted in Germany. In May 2007, the FACE multilingual website was voted at the Mid-Year Committee of the EUD. With permission, this website reproduces some parts of the German project.

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